New £8.5m injury recovery complex at Moulton College will be one of country’s best

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AN INJURY recovery centre costing £8.5 million, which will be open to both elite athletes and the public, is set to open at a college in Northamptonshire.

Moulton College is opening the new Sports Therapy and Injury Rehabilitation Centre, only the second of its kind in Europe, on its campus off Pitsford Road next month.

It will feature a range of cutting edge clinical facilities to speed recovery as fast as currently possible from a range of illnesses and injuries and teaching facilities.

Among them will be the only cryotherapy chamber that uses liquid nitrogen in the UK outside Bolton Wanders Football Club, which has an air temperature of minus 140 degrees Celsius to speed recovery from intense training.

There is also a hyperbaric oxygen chamber and infra-red sauna, as well as a water therapy pool featuring an underwater exercise bike and treadmill for recovery from, for example, knee replacements.

And it has a 25-metre pool, which will also be open to local swimming clubs, which has a lowerable floor to increase its depth and target resistance in different muscles.

Sheena Easton, who will manage the centre, said: “I’m so excited about this. There is nothing like it anywhere in the country and I hope people will come from far and wide. I’ve been blown away by what I’ve seen and it will be a top facility for Northamptonshire to be proud of.”

All of the facilities and space at the centre will be available for rent, with new and established private consultants able to base themselves at the college, using the high-tech kit as well as consulting rooms and massage areas.

College bosses are also hopeful the NHS and special interest groups for people with long-term conditions such as multiple sclerosis will be interested. Because the facilities are so rare, they also want to attract use from across the country.

Injuries suffered by rowers, and triathletes would be particularly appropriate for help by the centre and the Cobblers and Saints have already inspected the building to see what benefits local players could get from next year.

Sports rehabilitation students at the college will also get to use the centre while studying.

Miss Easton said: “If you were a student, where else would you rather go now? Hopefully this, as well as the quality of our teaching, will attract the very best to Northampton.”

FACILITIES at the new centre:

Cryotherapy chambers – as low as -140C for fast recovery of arthritis and skin conditions

Hyperbaric therapy – increase healing rate of fractures, burns and skin grafts

Water therapy – to increase muscle strength before injury is able to bear weight

Thermal therapy chamber – removes toxins and stimulates immune system

ASA-accredited adjustable swimming pool for resistance