Nether Heyford cyclist Pat is back in the saddle after her tumble

Pat Wilkinson receives her new helmet from Leisure Lakes Bikes
Pat Wilkinson receives her new helmet from Leisure Lakes Bikes

A keen cyclist who took a tumble during a charity ride last year is back in the saddle after a bike shop in Daventry donated her a new helmet.

Pat Wilkinson, 65, was taking part in the Cycle 4 Cynthia event at Lamport Hall last September when she struck a kerb and fell, damaging her ribs.

However, her protective helmet prevented her from suffering a head injury but was split open when her head struck the ground.

After hearing about the incident, Leisure Lakes Bikes in Daventry donated Pat, who lives in Nether Heyford, a new helmet.

Pat said her former helmet almost certainly protected her skull from serious injury and is thrilled to be pedalling again after taking a break from riding to recuperate.

She added: “My husband John and I have always enjoyed cycling and I found it a great way to distract me when I was trying to give up a 50 year smoking habit last summer and keep the weight off.

“I was thoroughly enjoying being among the 1300 riders who made Cycle 4 Cynthia such a wonderful event and of course my fall was just an unfortunate accident, but it goes to show that it can happen to anyone and I’m just so glad that I was wearing a helmet as it could have been a lot worse.” Leisure Lakes Bikes director Iain Noy says he’s reassured that more and more riders are investing in the appropriate equipment.

He added: “We’ve seen sales of bikes increase over the last few years as people have been inspired by our successful Olympians, Paralympians and the likes of Bradley Wiggins.

“And where once we might have had to politely encourage customers to buy a helmet as well, these days riders thankfully recognise it is as vital a part of their purchase as the two wheels themselves.”

Having made a full recovery, and proudly sporting her new protective headgear, Pat is now clocking up the miles around the county but sadly won’t be at this year’s Cycle 4 Cynthia. She said: “John and I have booked a cycling holiday in Europe and are really sorry that it clashes with the event but it’s such a super day that I’d urge everyone to take part.”