Nearly half of all Northampton cars fail their MOT

Northampton car owners rank among the worst in the UK for keeping their vehicles roadworthy - a survey on failed MOT tests reveal.

Friday, 17th June 2016, 6:30 am
Editorial image.

The AA’s car management website Automyze has compiled figures of the worst-performing towns and cities in the UK when it comes to getting cars through the dreaded MOT test.

While Dundee polled top with a failure rate of 53.5 per cent -Northampton ranked 23rd in the list.

A total of 46.2 per cent of cars tested in the Northampton area failed their last MOT, mainly for preventable faults such as tyres, headlights and indicators.

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By contrast, the Isle of Man had the best pass rate with a pass rate of 28.2 per cent.

Director of Automyze, Lucy Burnford, said: “There could be a number of reasons why MOT failure rates are higher, from the length of time people own their cars to the types of vehicle they own.

“However, some basic checks could bring failure rates down and save both time and money.

“There are multiple reasons why vehicles fail their MOT but the most common are tyres, headlights and indicators.”

Automyze claims to have analysed more than one million MOT records of UK-registered vehicles owned by AA members, looking at pass and fail rates.

Seven out of 20 towns and cities with the highest MOT failure rates were in Scotland, with almost half of cars in Aberdeen and Perth failing their last MOT.