Mylo the Labrador injured by broken glass in Northampton

Mylo was injured by broken glass on a pavement in Kingsthorpe
Mylo was injured by broken glass on a pavement in Kingsthorpe

A dog owner has complained about the state of Northampton pavements after his dog injured his paw on broken glass and cannot walk.

Eighteen-month-old Labrador Mylo accidentally stood on a broken bottle in Barrack Road causing “a deep laceration”.

Rob Seaton, Mylo’s owner, said: “He currently cannot walk and is showing signs of stress from his injury and subsequent treatment.”

The vet that took care of Mylo mentioned that it has become a very regular occurrence for them to deal with similar injuries.

Mr Seaton said he would like to raise awareness of how much broken glass is on the streets of Northampton at the moment.

He said: “The streets around Kingsthorpe are badly-littered with broken glass and there is never any sign of litter pickers or sweepers.

Untidy streets can be dangerous to animals and small children, therefore parents should take extra care when going for a walk.

“Myself and my wife have three daughters and it concerns me that they may be at risk of hurting themselves if the council fails to make an effort to tidy the streets.”

Councillor Mike Hallam (Con,Parklands), Northampton Borough Council’s cabinet member for environment said: “It is hard to understand why anyone would leave glass items out in the street where they could get smashed and cause injury to children or pets. With glass recycling and plenty of rubbish bins in the area there is no excuse for not disposing of glass responsibly.

“We sweep Barrack Road once a week, and have weekly litter picking along the street. We would ask anyone who spots a problem to report it to us, either using our app or through the Council’s website so we can arrange an extra visit if necessary.”