Museum in Liverpool “offered to display Sekhemka statue in 2011”

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The Sekhemka statue could have been put on temporary display in Liverpool according to a spokesperson at the city’s museum.

Last week the Museum’s Association announced it might sanction Northampton Borough Council for selling the ancient Egyptian artefact to help pay for a £14.5m refurbishment of the town’s museum and art gallery.

This week National Museums Liverpool confirmed it had offered to display the statue in 2011.

A spokesperson said: “We were keen on potentially borrowing the statue of Sekhemkha for display at the World Museum. We approached Northampton Museum and Art Gallery in late 2011 but they did not get back to us with a decision.”

A spokesperson for Northampton Borough Council said: “At the time we were contacted, the statue was in secure storage and the council was considering options.”