Murder accused was “in fear of” the man who admitted killing Jamie McMahon claim defence

Jamie McMahon
Jamie McMahon

The man accused of killing Jamie McMahon in Northampton last year continued to cooperate with Mark Lewis, who has already pleaded guilty to murder, because he was “scared” of him, the jury was told on Tuesday.

Jonas Hankin, defending, summarised his case at Northampton Crown Court, during which he said that Michael Francis, aged 33, who is accused of involvement in the assault that left Mr McMahon with fatal injuries, did not take part in the attack.

He said that Lewis had threatened Francis with a Samurai sword to keep quiet about what had happened and it was out of fear that Francis continued to live with Lewis at his address on Clickers Drive in Upton, Northampton, for almost two weeks after the attack.

It was also for that reason, Mr Hankin said, that Francis went with Lewis to get rid of the clothes he had been wearing the following day and why he did not mention Lewis’ name when interviewed by the police for the first time after his arrest.

Mr Hankin quoted comments made by Lewis during his own interviews to show that he was a “dangerous and uncontrollable” character.

Quoting Lewis, Mr Hankin said: “There’s angry, then there’s past angry; there’s really, disgustingly violent,” and “When I get in a rage I can’t stop, and I can’t be stopped.”

He repeated Lewis’ admission that “I stamped on (Mr McMahon) until I felt my toes snap,” and how, when Francis allegedly tried to challenge him, he responded: “I’m sorry, there’s no love in this game.”

Mr Hankin also added that Francis, who denies murder, had co-operated and been honest with police since his arrest, including admitting to taking Mr McMahon’s wallet from the scene before later throwing it in a bin.

Judge Rupert Mayo, overseeing the case, will continue to summarise the evidence today before the jury leave court to decide their verdict.