Mum of ‘silent’ boy to help host one-off support sessions for non-verbal children in Northampton

Callum Duff with his mum, Kim.
Callum Duff with his mum, Kim.

A mum, who is on mission to unlock her seven-year-old’s voice, is helping to host treatment sessions for other parents, guardians and autistic children at a Northampton school.

Kim Duff of Kislingbury issued a heartfelt fundraising appeal back in June to find help for her son, Callum, whose body and brain do not link.

After receiving hundreds of messages, the family accessed pioneering treatment through the Davis Autism Approach programs, in Canada, that has helped non-verbal autistic children find their voice.

Following a Chronicle & Echo appeal, £18,415 was raised for Callum, who received a new method of treatment after flying to Canada for the second time in August.

Now the seven-year-old is consistently using 10 verbal words and is making huge progress in his development and motor skills.

Callum is also growing more aware of himself and others around him.

Kim, who is helping to host the training session at Kings Heath Primary Academy with the director of Davis Autism International, said: “There is nothing else like this available here in the UK and could help unlock so many children.

"The training courses would provide parents with the strategies to help their child remove the chaos and unlock their true potential.”

Due to the overwhelming generosity of the public, Callum was fortunate enough to be able to access this approach in Canada, however, Kim says there is an overwhelming need for this training to be available to all here in the UK.

The Davis Stepping Stones course - for parents, teachers, and support professionals of autistic individuals under the age of 8 - will run from November 15-16 at Kings Heath Primary Academy.

While The Davis Life Concepts for Autism - a five-day workshop - runs between November 17-21.

For more information or to book a place at the workshops contact Tessa on