Muhammad Ali backs new boxing app designed by Northampton man

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Muhammad Ali is backing a mobile phone boxing app designed by the Northampton businessman who invented Boxercise.

Andy Wake, who owns Boxercise, has secured the endorsement of the world famous former heavyweight champion with an app that teaches people his signature moves.

Within five days of its release it went to number one in the App Store in the United States.

Mr Wake said: “This is the first time you can officially learn to do all the moves that made Ali famous. The great man has given this app his personal backing.

“More than two million people have taken part in Boxercise lessons, but people can train in the comfort of their home and learn some of Ali’s signature moves.

“A study only last month showed most people don’t have time to exercise. If this inspires more people to get off their backsides then that’s brilliant.”

The Boxercise app claims to teach people to ‘float like a butterfly and sting like a bee’, as well as train in all elements of Boxercise.

The video clips show how to do boxing-style training and users progress through the moves until they master them all.

Eventually, the user can learn how to imitate Ali himself.

Mr Wake, who was a boxer himself and is now a trainer, said: “Ali was the greatest in boxing so to be associated with him is an absolute pleasure.

“He’s not just a sporting great, he’s an icon.”

The app is available in the iTunes store now; search for Boxercise.