Mother who set fire to her ex-partner’s flat door in Northampton could get three year sentence

Crown Court GV'
Crown Court GV'

A woman who set fire to her ex-boyfriend’s flat door by stuffing paper into his letterbox in a drunken stupor was told she could face up to three years in custody.

On April 16 this year, Kelly Makin got a neighbour of her former lover to let her into his block of flats in West Cotton Close, Far Cotton at around 8pm.

The 39-year-old had been drinking and neighbours heard her banging on the door of his flat, shouting “I know you’re in there.”

Yesterday Northampton Crown Court heard how the mother then stuffed paper into her ex-partner’s letterbox and set fire to it using a lighter.

Prosecuting, Victoria Rose, described how the victim first noticed his flat filling with smoke and ran to the letter box, using a damp towel to dowse the flames.

Fire-fighters were called to the scene and five residents of the four-storey block of flats had to be evacuated, including the victim.

Miss Rose said Makin “never gave a full explanation” for her actions on that day, but admitted causing the fire under police interview.

Makin was due to be sentenced for arson with intent to endanger life at Northampton Crown Court yesterday, having already pleaded guilty to the offence.

But Judge Rupert Mayo chose to adjourn proceedings to give probation officers a chance to thoroughly assess her.

However he said the starting point for her sentence, had she pleaded not-guilty, would have carried a minimum term of four years in prison.

“At the moment the sentence looks like being three years,” he added. “But I will need serious persuasion if I am going to come down to two years and suspend it.”

Makin was bailed until a hearing in the new year.