Mother suffering from rare brain tumour appeals for help to pay for £95,000 operation in America

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A Northampton mother who suffers from a rare form of brain tumour is appealing for more donations as part of her appeal to £95,000 for treatment in America.

Leanne Lyon has seizures, black-outs and memory loss as result of the non-cancerous brain tumour called Hypothalmic Hamartoma. Only 1 in 200,000 people are believe to have the condition.

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In just one day, Leanne can have tens of seizures and she is desperate to improve her quality of life. Doctors at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford have told Leanne that although her tumour is small, just 6mm by 6mm, it is deep inside her brain.This makes it too dangerous to remove the tumour using open brain surgery.

Writing in her blog, Leanne said: “I have two young children aged nine and six who are more like carers to me, and I want to see them and myself living a normal life....without carers and being able to work.

“This would mean the world for me to be seizure free and without my children waiting for the next seizure to happen. I am in desperate need of help for this to go ahead as soon as possible, whilst they are still young.

“My one and only dream is to be seizure free. The procedure itself costs £95,000 not including travel, insurance and accommodation,” she added.

Recent fund-raising has included taking part in the Blacklight Run, a stall at a fair at Duston Eldean School and various car boot and loft sales.

For more information, and to take a donation, visit!about-leanne/c1fpr