Mother’s pride as twin brothers from Northampton join Coldstream Guards on the same day

Mark and Jack Bazeley
Mark and Jack Bazeley
  • Twenty-year-old brothers joined Army together, trained together and joined platoons together
  • Mother reveals her pride after identical twins pass out of Army training
  • Brothers have both joined Coldstream Guards but are in different platoons

Twin brothers from Northampton have passed out of their Army training and joined the Coldstream Guards.

Mark and Jack Bazeley, both aged 20 and from Kingsthorpe, completed their training at Catterick Garrison in North Yorkshire and their passing out parade was held on Friday, July 31.

After joining together, and training together, they have both joined the Coldstream Guards, although they are in different platoons.

Their mother, Julie Bazeley, was there watching the passing out parade with her partner, Ade Hill. She said: “It was brilliant to watch – it’s such an achievement for them go get where they wanted to go.

“I’m very, very proud of them. They spent a long time getting in and it’s been a long hard training period, but they’ve achieved their goal.

“When they went off to Catterick in January it was really the first time they’d been away from home, and although they were there together they weren’t training together, so they only saw each other occasionally.

“Next they will spent two weeks doing their driving test with the Army, and then they’ll be in Wellington Barracks in London doing ceremonial duty, and hopefully they’ll be trooping the colour next year.”

Mr Hill said: “When they were young they initially wanted to be footballers, but then they set their sights on doing this.

“It’s fantastic for them to achieve this, and I don’t know if it’s happened before where two identical twins have joined up and trained together and then gone into the same regiment.”