Mother angry at Billing Aquadrome for 'lack of compassion' over holiday cancellation...but holiday park blames 'inappropriate language against staff'

Billing Aquadrome refused to pay out 80 to reimburse a mum who discovered her son was poorly.
Billing Aquadrome refused to pay out 80 to reimburse a mum who discovered her son was poorly.

A mother furious at a Northampton holiday park after not being able to get a refund when her eight-year-old son was diagnosed with a brain tumour has been offered an olive branch by the company.

Billing Aquadrome said the refund was not given because the firm has a "zero tolerance on inappropriate language against its staff" but has now offered to keep the holiday open for another 12 months.

The woman, who wants to remain anonymous, was set to pitch a tent at Billing Aquadrome on the weekend of Friday, August 18 but the day prior to her trip away, she discovered her son had a brain tumour.

She said the two-night £80 break was a getaway for the family to enjoy the balloon festival together before she gives birth to her third baby but the mum-of-two had to call Billing Aquadrome last-minute to cancel the trip.

Bosses at Billing said they understand that this was a very difficult time for her family, however, they have a zero tolerance policy regarding the use of inappropriate language toward staff.

In response, she said: "I 100 per cent did not use any inappropriate language and rightly so that they a zero tolerance policy towards staff."

She said the reason for bringing the story to light was not about the cash but to make people aware of what happened.

She said: "It isn't even about the money, it's the lack of human decency and compassion.

"I feel more upset at the lack of empathy and that even though we are going through a horrific ordeal we were spoken to like rubbish, no respect from the staff at all.

"The saddest thing was he was telling all the nurses he was going camping - such an upsetting experience."

Trevor White, director of corporate affairs for Pure Leisure Group said: "I am more than happy to keep the holiday open for the family for another 12 months and it can be used at any time subject to availability at the time of booking.

"As a father and grandfather, I wish a speedy recovery for her son and look forward to welcoming her family back to Billing Aquadrome."