More workers from Northampton General Hospital left “devastated” following Christmas pay packet error

More workers from Northampton General Hospital left devastated following Christmas pay packet shortage
More workers from Northampton General Hospital left devastated following Christmas pay packet shortage

Up to 40 staff members at Northampton General Hospital have taken a considerable cut back in their pay packet following what could have been a management error.

Some workers have told the Chron they will be without around as much as £650 they have earned and others said they may struggle to pay bills.

One staff member, who came forward after the Chron's article on Thursday, claims that all the problems seem to have occurred in a single NGH department.

She said: “About 30 - 40 people have lost all enhancements and overtime resulting in hundreds of pounds of underpayment. We have been told we have to wait until next pay day to get the money we're owed. It's devastating.”

“It’s a few hundred pounds, but some have lost over six hundred, and there are a number of couples within the department who have both lost hundreds each we're all living on bare minimum over Christmas with only enough to cover bills some don't even have that and have to wait to get it until next payday at end of January."

The Chron understands the issue may stem from the fact a procedure might not have been followed correctly by both the line manager and employee.

As a result, some staff did not have their November monthly enhancements officially signed off.

She added: “We are by no means on high salaries anyway, so we all rely on our enhancements heavily, it's slim pickings this Christmas for all of us.

A spokeswoman for Northampton General Hospital re-issued the statement given yesterday.

It read: “Our payroll system is dependent on all employees being diligent about submitting information in a timely manner about enhanced payment requirements. Obviously, there has to be a cut-off point every month to allow payments to be processed.

"We’ve worked very closely with departments and wards this year to make sure they embed the correct practice and that’s been quite successful so it’s disappointing to hear of isolated cases where the procedures haven’t been followed correctly. We’ll issue a reminder to staff about the need to submit information in a timely manner.”