More than 200 cars seized after police crackdown on illegal drivers

Northamptonshire Police have seized 229 cars driven by people with no insurance in the last month.
Northamptonshire Police have seized 229 cars driven by people with no insurance in the last month.

More than 200 vehicles in Northamptonshire have been seized after police launched a crackdown on people driving without any insurance.

Through a greater use of Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology, 229 vehicles were taken off the road for having no insurance, 52 were seized for not having valid tax, 74 stolen vehicles were uncovered and 14 vehicles that had been used in crime were also found by officers.

The new approach, which is aimed at making Northamptonshire’s roads safer as well as tackling criminals, has been welcomed by Police and Crime Commissioner Adam Simmonds.

He said: “This is exactly what I want the force to be doing, combining technology with intelligent policing to tackle those people who insist on committing crime.”

“I want to see a marked reduction in the number of people killed and seriously injured on our roads and any tactic that tackles dangerous road users is to be encouraged.

“People drive without insurance for many reasons, however, I want the message to be clear – there is no excuse for not having insurance and officers will seize your vehicle if you are not covered.

Every motorist on the road is legally required to have insurance for their vehicle. Statistics from the Motor Insurers’ Bureau shows that nationally, 70 per cent of motorists with no insurance have a criminal record.

Uninsured driving costs more than £500m nationally every year and adds £30 to every motorist’s annual premium.

Superintendent Andy Cox, head of specialist operations, said: “Motorists who have no insurance present an obvious danger to other road users.

“Often they don’t have insurance because their premium costs too much, usually because they’ve been involved in collisions in the past or because they have been disqualified from driving for some reason.

“Not only are motorists who drive without insurance a danger on our roads, they are also costing the honest driver £30 every year when they renew their insurance.

“Road safety has to be our priority and we will not apologise for continuing to seize those vehicles that are being driven illegally.”