More than 100 sign petition to keep Abington Street car free

Coloured markings in Abington Street. ENGNNL00120140114165420
Coloured markings in Abington Street. ENGNNL00120140114165420

A petition calling for Northampton Borough Council to abandon plans to open up Abington Street to traffic has collected more than 100 signatures in three days.

The online campaign, set up by the group Occupy Northampton, asks the borough council to drop its £3million plans to allow vehicles to drive along part of the busy shopping street in Northampton town centre.

Graphic designer Phil Leach, of Occupy Northampton, said: “There’s been major cuts to public services - this is going to be a waste of £6million over 20 years to pay for this.

“There’s also massive concerns about traffic coming out of Abington Street, going up Welington Street and eventually coming out by the old Greyfriars station.

“Even more traffic is going to be put in the direction of the new bus station.”

Mr Leach, 32, who lives in the town centre, said there were also major worries about air pollution and said the plans put Northampton town back years - when many other city and town authorities are seeking to pedestrianised centres.

Comments from those who have signed the petition have been left on the website

Louise Lloyd-Jones said: “The pedestrianised area is one of the few redeeming features of the town centre. It is a relaxing, family-friendly place.”

This week Northampton borough councillors voted in favour of conducting air quality control tests along Abington Street before the driving restrictions are lifted.

The motion, proposed by Liberal Democrats leader Councillor Brendan Glynane at Monday night’s full council meeting asked that the pollution levels along the shopping street are assessed as they are - so they can be compared to any levels once the new rules come in.

Cllr Glynane said: “All we are asking is that we monitor the situation.” But he added: “The best way for us to stop pollution in the town centre is simply to stop traffic in the town centre.”

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