More loading restrictions and bus lane enforcement in Northampton from Friday

North Gate Bus Station
North Gate Bus Station

Existing traffic orders in the area of Northampton around the new North Gate bus station are being robustly enforced and new orders introduced to help ensure the smooth flow of traffic around the new interchange.

Following the traffic problems in the area on Monday, Northampton Borough Council, Northamptonshire County Council, Northamptonshire Police and the bus operating companies met together to deal with the issues and put solutions in place.

Already a number of engineering solutions have been introduced, which helped resolving the problems from Tuesday onwards.

Northamptonshire County Council claimed the new orders, which will be introduced on Friday, will further assist in avoiding congestion. The traffic situation will then be closely monitored.

The existing traffic order for Drapery is a prohibition of all motor vehicles (not cycles) with exemptions for emergency services, buses, taxis, private hire vehicles and loading/unloading.

The new orders are:

* A temporary traffic order is being introduced for a further prohibition of loading/unloading between 10am – 4pm along Drapery.

* Another temporary traffic order is being introduced for the prohibition of motor vehicles between 10am – 4pm (except buses, taxis and private hire vehicles) southbound along Sheep Street between Greyfriars and Drapery.

Councillor Michael Clarke, county council cabinet member for transport, said: “There has been tremendous improvement in the traffic situation around the bus interchange since the problems, which occurred for a few hours on Monday.

“We have all worked together to make sure that this situation is not repeated and as highways authority, the county council is committed to doing what it can to help.

“We will continue to monitor the situation closely to make sure that all the measures introduced work as expected and continue to meet regularly until we are satisfied that this is done.

“Let’s not forget that this is an excellent new facility with many benefits, so it’s essential that everything works well.”