Mixed reaction to new Northampton-inspired Channel 4 comedy Not Safe For Work set

Channel 4 comedy Not Safe for Work
Channel 4 comedy Not Safe for Work

Northampton viewers of a new Channel 4 comedy set in the town have given a mixed reaction to the first episode, which was shown last night (Tuesday).

The show - which was filmed mainly in Glasgow - follows the story of Katherine, played by Fresh Meat star Zawe Ashton, a civil servant reluctantly relocated from London to Northampton as part of public sector cuts.

But the first episode, which aired at 10pm last night has received mixed reviews and the feedback posted on social media has been mainly negative.

Commenting on the Chronicle & Echo’s Facebook page, Alison News said: “Awful, slow and not funny. Will not be watching other episodes and as a Northamptonian was disappointed as how Northampton was portrayed.”

Dave Thom added: “The one character supposed to be Northampton born and bred had some weird Midlands/farmer accent. Is that what we sound like to outsiders?”

Chris GC Dunsby simply described the show: “Dull and boring” and Giles Kaal said: “I found it quite painful.”

But despite the unflattering impression that the show gave of the town, some Northampton viewers saw the funny side.

Harry Cobeans said: “I thought it was hilarious. A very well observed comedy.”

David Cadden, who acknowledged that the series’ writer is himself originally from the area, said: “Bit of light-hearted humour even though poking fun at Northampton, which we can’t complain about as the writer is (local). I think it’s worth giving the whole series a viewing.”

The first episode of Not Safe For Work can be viewed on demand on; www.channel4.com. the second episode in the series will air next Tuesday (July 7) at 10pm on Channel 4.