Missing period in Northampton General Hospital past

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Memories and pictures telling the story of Northampton General Hospital are being sought for an authoritative history book.

Amateur historian Sandra Bemrose, from Delapre, is 
embarking on her second 
hospital history project, having completed a comprehensive book on St Crispin’s Hospital.

She now needs pictures and stories dating from the postwar period to 2000, especially from former staff and their family members.

Mrs Bemrose said: “I had so many people coming forward last time that I thought there must be a huge amount of untapped material on NGH that has never seen the light of day.

“I’m fascinated by history, obviously, but there are things people have and know that they may not believe comes into that category.

“But I would like all of those stories because it would be so sad if those memories are lost forever.”

The St Crispin’s Hospital book took more than four years to research and it is expected the NGH edition will take at least as long.

Mrs Bemrose said: “There’s a bit of a gap in history when it comes to NGH , which runs from just after the Second World War to the millennium, and which no existing book properly covers.

“Anyone contributing would be helping fill in a missing period in the town’s 

Anyone with material they believe is of interest can email: sandrabemrose@hotmail.co.uk or call her on Northampton 708932.