‘Misleading’ signs have led to hefty fines at car park off Wellingborough Road in Northampton

NO PARKING: One of the signs leading to the St Edmund's Hospital site.
NO PARKING: One of the signs leading to the St Edmund's Hospital site.

Motorists claim ‘misleading’ signs at the former St Edmund’s Hospital site are 
resulting in people being hit with hefty parking fines.

Penalties for leaving a vehicle on the access road to the derelict site in Wellingborough Road, next to a Tesco Express store, range from £60 to £100.

Parking enforcement signs adorn the crumbling building, but a number of Chronicle & Echo readers said they were unaware the measures applied to the access road as well.

One reader, Emma Moore, parked there on August 27 for “little more than five minutes,” she claimed.

Now faced with a £60 fine, she said: “There is a sign on the building saying it’s private parking, but I thought that only applied to the land round the back of the building. You don’t expect that to mean the road.”

Customer service supervisor Richard Jones, 22, of Kingsthorpe, is now being chased for £150 by debt collectors after he refused to pay the £60. He said he parked there for 20 minutes at around 6pm on one evening in March.

“When I saw the ticket on the car I thought, ‘ well where’s the sign?’,” he said.

“There are no yellow lines. It was dark and the only one I could see was high up on a building.”

Director of Northamptonshire Parking Management Ltd, Adam Gearey, which manages the parking at St Edmund’s along with 150 other sites around Northampton, said Trading Standards had assessed the signage as adequate and he saidthe signs clearly related to the access road and the area behind the building. Mr Gearey said: “We are not trying to give people a ticket for the sake of it. I believe the signs are adequate and I believe people do read the signs.”