Miracle baby now ready for school

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A boy from Northampton who had open heart surgery when only a few weeks old, is now healthy and looking forward to starting school.

Matthew Molloy hit national headlines in 2008 after the Chron reported he had become one of the youngest ever cardiac patients at John Radcliffe Hospital, in Oxford, and had been only “half an hour from death”.

A surgeon at the internationally-renowned hospital also said Matthew was one of his most difficult ever operations.

His frail condition resulted in several health problems, but he has battled through them and his parents, from Grange Park, hope he will now start a special school next year.

His dad, Tim, said: “He’s a really happy little boy and leads a full life despite what has happened to him.

“We have two kittens and loves playing with them.

“He has not developed as well as some children and his speech isn’t perfect, but me and his mum understand him.

“He’s currently at nursery, but we’re applying for a placement at a school with special provision where he can really progress.

“We couldn’t have dreamt he would be doing so well four years ago when it was touch and go.”

Despite having never run a race before, Mr Molloy is set to embark on the Rome Marathon in aid of Ronald McDonald House, which is the accommodation for families of John Radcliffe patients he and wife Michelle used.

Mr Molloy said: “I just couldn’t imagine what it would have been like to have Matthew so ill and not be there by his side so the accommodation was a godsend.

“Parents have enough to go through at a time like that so that simple thing makes it a much easier time.

“Matthew doesn’t really understand why I’m doing it but when I come back from training he always tells me ‘run, run, run’.”

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