Men jailed for sex attack on teenage girl in Northampton town centre

Two men have been convicted for a combined total of 42 years for the 'vile, wicked and violent' rape of a 17-year-old-girl in Northampton town centre.

Friday, 28th April 2017, 5:36 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:55 pm
The attack took place in April last year in an alleyway on Bridge street.

They were sentenced at Northampton Crown Court yesterday (April 28) for what the judge called "an appalling attack made by two men looking for easy sexual prey".

In came to light in the court that one of the defendants had a previous conviction for rape in Romania, while the other was described as 'delusional' about his entitlement to sex.

His Honour Judge Timothy Smith said: "I have no doubt that you are to be viewed as dangerous, and pose a risk to young women in society.

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"The effect on the victim has been considerable. She no longer feels safe and, in my opinion, shows serious signs of post-traumatic stress."

Beniamin-Ovidiu Ban, 30, of Clare Street, Northampton, was found guilty of two counts of rape by a unanimous verdict at a trial in December last year, where the evidence was described as 'overwhelming'.

Cosmin Vintan, 27, also of Clare Street, Northampton, pleaded guilty to two counts of rape. He had a previous conviction for a 'disturbingly similar' attack in Romania, for which he was released in 2013 after eight years in prison.

In April 2016, at 4am on a Sunday morning, the pair targeted a 17-year-old girl on a night out in Northampton town centre.

She was alone after her friends had left in a taxi and she was walking from The Drapery towards Bridge Street to meet her boyfriend at his job as a doorman.

Judge Smith said: "You, Vintan, put your arm around her and steered her unwillingly into a dark, seedy alleyway. You, Ban, followed them.

"It was there that you both forcibly raped her, one after the other. You threatened to kill her if she screamed. Afterwards, she had cuts, bruises and grazes all over her body."

After the attack, the victim was seen on CCTV staggering out the alley. The police were called shortly after.

The two offenders, meanwhile, ran to a taxi in an attempt to flee the scene.

DNA evidence taken by Northamptonshire Police would later identify Vintan, and they were both subsequently arrested.

In sentencing, Judge Smith said: "Victim impact statements show that you have made this girl terrified. She is afraid of the dark, has constant nightmares and has lost all her confidence."

Speaking to Vintan, the judge said: "Your previous conviction demonstrates that you feel able to, when you choose, to dominate, control and subject women to violent sexual assault.

"I see little evidence of insight, understanding or remorse you have into the harm you have caused."

Vintan was sentenced to 23 years in prison.

Speaking to Ban, Judge Smith said: "You have demonstrated no remorse and maintain your innocence. You have persuaded yourself that she was consenting.

"You were asked in an evidence interview what you thought of a young, drunk girl consenting to sex with two complete strangers. You said this was normal. This demonstrates your sense of entitlement towards sex."

Ban was sentenced to 19 years in prison.

They will both remain on the sexual offenders register for life.