Memorial takes place in Northampton for family killed in Utah

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Dozens of people from across the country have gathered in Northampton to remember a family killed in the United States.

Marie King, who used to live in Northampton, was shot dead in Utah last week along with her Northampton-born daughter Kelly Boren and two grandchildren Jaden and Hayley. Police believe they were killed by Kelly’s police officer husband Joshua, who was also found dead at the scene.

At the Queen Eleanor pub in Newport Pagnell Road this evening, a candle-lit memorial was held, to coincide with the funeral of the family in the US, and balloons with messages attached were released into the sky.

Reading an emotional tribute, a Marie’s niece said: “Our condolences go to Joshuas’s family as they have also lost a loved one.”

Talking fondly of Marie, she added: “We’ve heard so many stories about Marie in the past week - happy stories sad stories, funny stories.

“She’d sometimes call us and wake us up at 2am or 3am in the morning - what we wouldn’t give for one of those phone calls now.”

Marie’s sister, Jeanette Malpas, said: “This is so people can pay their respects.

“We are just so devastated. Part of us is broken off now.”

“At least this is a way of saying our goodbyes to them.”