Matt Smith: The making of a Dr Who in Northampton

Matt Smith, the new Dr Who, from Northampton, remembers his time at school in the town.


Great Billing Lower School, Ecton Brook Middle School and Northampton School for Boys


NSB consisted of black blazer, navy blue and red tie and white

shirt. I can't seem to remember the uniform of the other schools.

Earliest memory?

Sitting in assembly every morning at Great Billing Lower School and watching a fizzy drinks truck driving past the hall through big

windows. I used to wish the truck would stop at our school.

Favourite teacher?

My drama teacher Jerry Hardingham at NSB because he had a really significant part in my life. I didn't bother turning up to rehearsals or an audition for a play once when I was in year nine or 10 for some strange reason and thought I had missed my opportunity. I don't think I was very reliable at the time but he still cast me in that play. He took a chance on me and gave me lots of opportunities and guidance.

Favourite lesson?

History and drama. I've always found history interesting and fascinating, like the Russian Revolution because they stand the test of

time and they're great real life stories.

Most dreaded lesson?

I can say categorically maths. I was never very good at numbers.

Favourite school dinner?

My dad's ham and cheese sandwiches. It was quite plain but I was never one to have hot dinners at school. I was a packed lunch boy.

Favourite children's book?

Roy of the Rovers and The BFG. The BFG was fantastic and I've always enjoyed reading Roald Dahl's books. They just leap out of you and it was like going into another world.Nickname?


Describe yourself

I was academic, hardworking, quite mischievous and sporty. I was one of those who knew you could get away with anything.

Best friend?

There's a couple – Ryan Sweeny from NSB and Alex Bond from Great Billing Lower and Ecton Brook Middle Schools.


I was head boy at the boys' school and captain of the school football


Sports teams?

I took part in football, drama at NSB and played the drums at Ecton Brook Middle.


I was into house, garage and rap music like Nas. I really liked his

album, Stilmatic. I played the decks as well.

First girlfriend?

A girl called Claire at Great Billing Lower School. We started seeing each other when we were running round the playground. It was harmless and involved a kiss on a cheek.

Still in touch?

Not many but I see Alex all the time because we live near each other.


Nine GCSEs and four A-levels.

What did you want to be?

An actor


I wish I could've learned more musical instruments such as the

piano or guitar. I also wish I'd kept up my languages.


Have fun and listen to the teachers.