Market Square fountain turned off after ‘high gusting winds’ caused the £50,000 feature to overflow into the street

Market Square fountain, Northampton
Market Square fountain, Northampton

‘High gusting winds’ caused Northampton’s £50,000 fountain in the town centre to overflow on Saturday.

Water was seen pouring out of the fountain in Market Square on Saturday afternoon.

It caused a stream of water to run from the Market Square and into Mercers Row.

A spokesperson from Northampton Borough Council, said: “The Market Square Fountain was turned off around 5pm on Saturday, when the high gusting wind caused water to blow over the sides.

“We are aware that this may have been an inconvenience for passers-by so we turned it off, as we have always done with this and the previous fountain when the weather is very windy.

“This feature is still new and we are making minor adaptations where we need to.”

In recent weeks the fountain has repeatedly been targeted by vandals who have poured liquid into the water turning it to bubbles.

Investigations are ongoing after three people were caught on CCTV.

The fountain, which cost £50,000, was designed to attract more shoppers to the market.