Management of Northampton council homes to be handed over to new company next month

Councillor Mary Markham and David Latham (NPH)
Councillor Mary Markham and David Latham (NPH)

The management of more than 12,000 council homes will be taken over from Northampton Borough Council by a new housing company from next month.

Northampton Partnership Homes (NPH) will be responsible for the day to day management of the town’s council housing stock as well as developing a financially-sustainable way to improve the homes in the future.

They will operate as an ‘arms length management organisation’ (ALMO) and promise tenants will play a direct part in making decisions about the housing service and how money is invested to improve their homes.

However, the council will still own the stock and be responsible for wider, strategic issues relating to housing.

The decision was made after tenants and housing staff voted to set up the ALMO in October 2013. The council then began the process in December that year.

David Mackintosh, leader of the council, said: “Northampton Partnership Homes is an exciting new venture.

“It is about giving tenants a better and more effective service in the future and giving them a greater say.

“Tenants decided that an ALMO was the right way forward, and the council fully supported this. The change is needed to help raise the standard of council-owned social housing. The new company’s focus will be to do this.”

Councillor Mary Markham said: “This is a new chapter for housing which I very much welcome. I have spoken to hundreds of tenants over the years and I know that more can be done to improve the quality of their homes. They want to be more involved in decisions that are made about their homes. The ALMO makes this possible.”

David Latham, chair of the new Northampton Partnership Homes board, said: “The excitement of the process of preparing for the transfer of the management of the council’s housing stock turns to reality on January 5 2015. We look forward to the challenge ahead in delivering the vision, mission and values adopted by the company into which the council, tenants and employees fully participated.”

NPH will be sending out further detailed information to tenants and leaseholders to coincide with the launch in January, but any questions or concerns can be communicated to the ALMO team on: 0300 330 7003 or by emailing