Man whose cat was allegedly mauled to death by dog in Northampton street wants its owner 'brought to justice'

Puddy was 26 weeks old
Puddy was 26 weeks old

A Northampton man's cat was mauled to death by a dog in the middle of the street, leaving his family distraught.

Tom Shortt was in his home in Briar Hill at the time of the alleged attack.

His sister, whose children witnessed the death of 26-week old Puddy the cat, came running to Tom's house to tell him of the tragedy.

"We got a bang at the door to say Puddy had just been attacked and he's halfway up the road, gone," said Tom.

"My mum came out and was in bits.

"My sister saw it all. She went over to try and get the guy to stop the dog."

He added: "The kids saw it all, they were distraught and in bits."

Tom claims the owner of the dog allowed the attack on Puddy to happen because the Staffordshire Bull Terrier was on the leash throughout.

Before being set upon, Puddy was sat on a bench and Tom alleges the owner of the dog let it get close to the cat and then didn't do anything to stop the attack while it was happening.

"I want that man brought to justice," said Tom, 28.

"Puddy was just coming out of kittenhood - he was a loving and friendly cat.

"He wasn't an ordinary cat. When I'd come home from work he'd stick his head around the corner and come running up to you like he was a dog."

Tom, a stonemason, and his wife recently moved into the family home with his mum and dad in Briar Hill.

His sister and her children live in a nearby street and are, more or less, neighbours.

Puddy's death has left the Shortts particularly upset because the cat was bought with the family in mind.

"We are still angry," said Tom.

"We bought the cat to bring the family a bit closer."

A Northamptonshire Police spokeswoman said: "We were called at 11:45am on August 18 about an incident that happened the night before (August 17) between 9pm and 9.30pm when two neighbours witnesses a dog attack a cat in Thorn Hill, Northampton.

"We have appointments booked to speak to the owner and the witnesses."