Man found dead in Northamptonshire pub toilets took fatal heroin injection

The Earl of Dalkeith
The Earl of Dalkeith

A man who was found dead in the toilets of a Kettering pub took a fatal injection of heroin, an inquest has heard.

Ashley Wilson was discovered in the Earl of Dalkeith in Dalkeith Place on July 30 this year, the day before his 34th birthday.

An inquest in Kettering today (Thursday) heard how Wilson, a drug addict since 1999, died of morphine toxicity after a fatal injection.

A statement from forensic pathologist Dr Michael Biggs explained that Wilson, who was born in Cranford, had taken almost eight times the potential highest amount of morphine a body can take.

He was found slumped forward in a cubicle by a member of the public who saw his arm on the floor, with a syringe and metal spoon beside him.

Despite the best efforts of pub staff and paramedics, he was pronounced dead just under an hour later.

The court heard how Wilson, who had hepatitis C and a history of depression, had made numerous attempts to get clean and was offered rehab sessions in Bournemouth but failed to complete them.

He had felt down on the night of his death, but had spoken with his mother about plans for his birthday the next day.

His sister Kimberley Wilson explained that drugs ‘seemed to be his way of coping’.

She said: “Despite being a drug addict he was kind hearted, would help anyone and had the biggest smile.

“His death has broken our hearts but he is now at peace from his demons, the demon that is heroin.”

Recording a verdict of drug-related death, assistant coroner Hassan Shah said: “On the evidence I have heard I cannot be sure that Ashley intended to commit suicide.

“As such, it is more likely that he took an unintentional overdose.

“Medical records show a 15-year history of drug abuse and it is not consistent with someone not wishing to clean themselves up.”