Man committed suicide after bouts of depression caused by loneliness and dispute over care home fees, inquest told

County Hall
County Hall

Trevor Lewis Buswell, from Newnham in Daventry, died after being hit by a train at Dodford Road, in Dodford. in May this year.

An inquest into his death at County Hall on Wednesday heard that Mr Buswell, who was 74 years old, had no history of mental illness, but had been driven to depression after a dispute with the county council over payments for his mother’s stay in an Earls Barton care home.

Mr Buswell had visited his doctor and said he had been left feeling isolated, lonely and stressed in the weeks before his death and was prescribed anti-depressant medication. However, his GP Dr Seow said that he had appeared more positive and forward thinking when they met for an appointment on May 19, the day before he died.

During the inquest, Mr Buswell’s brother, Stephen, said his brother was a “busy chap” who had many friends and was both a skilled carpenter and ukelele player.

He said: “Trevor visited our mother every week and took responsibility for all her financial affairs. However, when savings ran out, the county council confirmed they would cover the costs of her care, but later took this back. This left him very stressed and I took over the responsibility.”

Mr Stephen Buswell said that he believed this dispute was a main reason for his brother’s depression, because it made him feel “guilty, as though he had let the family down”.

He added: “If I had known how bad his state was, I would have done my utmost to help him.”

Northamptonshire senior coroner, Anne Pember, said: “Mr Buswell became depressed and, though he sought help, made a firm decision that he no longer wanted to live.”

A spokesman for Northamptonshire County Council declined to comment.