Man charged with murder of grandmother from Northampton

Police appeal
Police appeal

Body parts of a grandmother who used to live in Northampton have been discovered by police in France.

Violet Price, aged 80, vanished from her rural home in Dordogne last weekend following a family party.

National media have reported that Mrs Price moved to France from Northampton with her husband Harry three years ago. Harry, a retired bank manager, has since died.

They have a son, Paul, who they moved near to.

French police said they found Violet’s bungalow abandoned and later found body parts scattered across two wooded sites in the Dordogne.

Officers have since charged a 31-year-old, Madi Mahaboubi, with her murder over the weekend.

Violet was the mother-in-law of Mahaboubi’s ­sister and had been at a family ­barbecue with him hours before she disappeared.