LOCAL ELECTIONS 2015: Major scalps taken by rival parties in Northampton Borough Council elections

Borough Council Elections 2015 NNL-150805-184846009
Borough Council Elections 2015 NNL-150805-184846009

Major scalps have been taken at the Northampton Borough Council elections with Abington councillor Iftikhar Choudary losing his seat to Labour candidate Zoe Smith.

However he said his defection to the Conservative party might have had an effect on being elected a third time.

“I’m not really disappointed,” he said afterwards. “I served my community and I helped a lot of people’s lives.”

It was dismal news for the Liberal Democrats in Delapre and Briar Hill with both Brendan Glynane and Mick Ford losing their seats.

Beverley Mennell lost UKIP’s only seat in Kingsley.

And Green Party parliamentary candidate Tony Clarke failed to take a seat on the council in Trinity ward.

But he said: “This election was not about us taking seats, it was about us building a base.

“We fought in seats we had never fought before and we raised our percentage. Who knows what will happen in the county council.”

It was a mixed night for husband and wife couples.

Labour candidates Teresa and Gareth Eales both took their respective seats in Kingsley and Spencer.

Gareth, who was claiming victory in his third election said: “I’m delighted for Teresa winning in Kings Heath, it’s an area that has been neglected for some time on the borough.”

And as to whether both of them serving on the council would have an impact on their home life, he said.” I don’t think so, all we do at home is talk about politics anyway.”

Nahar Begum and husband Azizur Rahman both switched to Conservative from Labour at the start of 2015.

But only Mr Rahman took the Castle seat under his new colours.

he said he would campaign for the North West bypass to alleviate traffic along the A508 and adjoining roads.

“I will try my best to improve the traffic issues in the area - I will really try to my heart out to get it.”

Despite the results making difficult reading for Liberal Democrats, a commendation has to be given to Talavera candidate Dennis Meredith who retained his seat despite falling a week before polling day - while campaigning in his ward - and breaking his collar bone.

Councilor Meredith said: “I’m very pleased and I have to say I really appreciate the support from the residents who had the faith to put me back in power.”