LOCAL ELECTIONS 2015: Conservatives increase seats on South Northamptonshire Council

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No Caption ABCDE PPP-141010-183720001

The Conservative Party has retained control of South Northamptonshire Council.

With a strong turnout across the district coming in at 91 percent, the Tories came away with 35 seats, up three. The Liberal Democrats secured four seats, up one, independents won three seats. There are no Labour councillors.

The results are as follows (E indicates elected):


Simon Marinker (Conservative): 937 E

David Toman (Labour): 268

Turnout: 78.29%

Blakesley & Cote:

Roger Clarke (Conservative): 1563 E

Maureen Morris (Labour): 493

Sandi Smallman (Conservative): 1391 E

Turnout: 91.01%

Blisworth & Roade:

Stephen Clarke (Conservative): 1,313 E

Hywel Davies (Conservative): 1,197 E

Ray Dawkins (UKIP): 696

Ron Johnson (Independent): 523

Stephen Miller (Left Unity): 217

Brackley East:

Tony Bagot-Webb (Conservative): 1,023 E

Tony Quinn (UKIP): 608

Peter Rawlinson (Conservative): 947 E

Wilfrid Blake Stimpson (Independent): 829

Turnout: 84.66%

Brackley South:

John Frederick Baldry (UKIP): 395

Douglas Barry (Labour): 371

Caryl Suzanne Billingham (Independent): 791 E

Richard John Butler (Independent): 504

Alice Ord (Conservative): 627 E

Paul Wiltshire (Conservative): 555

Turnout: 70.27%

Brackley West:

Fiona Baker (Conservative): 1,174 E

Jim Broomfield (UKIP): 660

Chris Cartmell (Independent): 679

Michael Edward Genner (Independent): 374

Elaine Wiltshire (Conservative): 821 E

Turnout: 81.97%

Cosgrove & Grafton:

Rosemary Caroline Hill (Labour): 317

Ian McCord (Conservative): 858 E


David Louis Aaronson (Labour): 859

Dennis Eric Loveland (Conservative): 1287 E

Allen Walker (Conservative): 1261 E

Turnout: 79.03%

Grange Park:

Simon Clifford (Conservative): 1,459 E

Ian Grant (Labour): 584

Adil Sadygov (Conservative): 1,032 E

Harpole & Grange:

Ann Addison (Conservative): 1,856 E

Andy Clarke (Green): 933

Karen Elizabeth Cooper (Conservative): 1,459 E

Kings Sutton:

Michael William Bailey (Labour): 445

Ian Richard Morris (Conservative): 750 E

Middleton Cheney:

Judith Baxter (Conservative): 191 E

Val Furniss (Conservative): 267 E

John Richard Kilmister (Independent): 147

Turnout: 82.39%


Dermot Bambridge (Conservative): 1,083 E

Michael Charles Alexander Caseman-Jones (Labour): 239


Sandra Elizabeth Barnes (Conservative): 828 E

Roger French (UKIP): 254

Towcester Brook:

Peter Jeffrey Conquest (UKIP): 650

Richard Dallyn (Conservative): 1,080 E

John Gasking (Conservative): 1,050

Martin Johns (Liberal Democrat): 1,266 E

Lisa Samiotis (Liberal Democrat): 1,240 E

Andrea Storey (Labour): 529

David Tarbun (Liberal Democrat): 895

Richard Woods (Conservative): 866

Turnout: 78.55%

Towcester Mill:

Gail Susan Caseman-Jones (Labour): 251

Andrew Grant (Conservative): 773

Chris Lofts (Liberal Democrat): 995 E

Catharine Tarbun (Liberal Democrat): 854 E

Andrew Wilby (Conservative): 727