Litter campaigner calls for action after finding 50 alcohol bottles in 25m of Northampton industrial estate

Bottles of alcohol found in Round Spinney
Bottles of alcohol found in Round Spinney

A litter campaigner who collected more than 50 bottles of alcohol from a small area of Northampton says more needs to be done to reduce the amount of rubbish left on the streets in the town.

Thomas Appleyard, who last month gave a presentation to a Keep Northampton Tidy meeting, said he was shocked by the amount of litter he found when he walked round Round Spinney Industrial estate.

He said: “I collected the bottles shown in the photo from an area no bigger than 25 metres by 10 metres.

“It’s not just unsightly it is also dangerous to wildlife, I would have expected to find human waste and bottles of urine around our town 100 years ago, not in the 21st century.”

Mr Appleyard said he was disappointed with the attendance at the Keep Northampton Tidy meetings.

He said: “This review will have implications for Northampton for several years, yet the attendance did not reflect the importance and consequences for the people of Northampton.

“Over the six meetings and two site visits, there were a potential attendance of 72 members, however the number was actually 30.

“It also came as a disappointment evidence was not taken from witnesses with eyes on the ground, for instance, Ramblers Association, RSPCA to name a few. Some witnesses did not answer the core questions, instead they chose to focus on what they are doing now.

“It came as a surprise to learn the council had no generic litter plan I therefore carried out my own litter reviews over many areas of Northampton then submitted a draft litter plan but I never received any acknowledgment.

“It was this negative attitude which convinced me I had to try to make an effort to clear up our town.”