Life imprisonment for ‘sadistic’ rapist

Peter Bond-Wonneberger
Peter Bond-Wonneberger

A “sick, sadistic and depraved” man from Northampton, who repeatedly filmed himself raping a teenage girl, has been sentenced to life imprisonment.

Peter Bond-Wonneberger, aged 60, of Churchill Avenue, Lake View, Northampton, was given the maximum jail term after he admitted carrying out the horrific sexual abuse against a young girl.

Northampton Crown Court heard that Bond-Wonneberger, a former driving instructor and member of the Territorial Army, forced the girl to act out perverted and violent sexual acts in front of a camera.

Adrienne Lucking, prosecuting, said Bond-Wonneberger was a “controlling and manipulative” man who would force the girl to strip naked and would then tie her hands and feet together.

The court heard that when Bond-Wonneberger’s home was raided by police, seven video tapes were found, on which 16 rapes were recorded, as well as more than 200 indecent images of children and other extreme pornographic DVDs and photographs.

Ms Lucking said the sexual abuse had left the victim feeling suicidal and she had attempted to take her own life.

She said: “The victim remains badly affected and does not socialise. She feels that she does not deserve any happiness.”

Bond-Wonneberger pleaded guilty to charges of rape, making and possessing indecent photographs of children and possessing an image of bestiality. He also pleaded guilty to five other charges which related to offences against a teenage boy in the 1980s.

Bond-Wonneberger, was sentenced to life imprisonment, with a minimum term of 11 years.

Judge Rupert Mayo, sentencing, said: “This was sick, sadistic behaviour. The word depraved does not do justice to what you have done.

“The scars you have inflicted will never heal. You have 
manifestly perverse, psychopathic tendencies and are a danger to people,” Judge Mayo added.