‘Legal high put me in coma for six months’ says Northamptonshire man

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A man who was six months in a coma after taking a common legal high was among people who confessed their experiences at a Northampton charity event.

The Solve It charity, backed by Northamptonshire Police, set up stalls at both the Northampton Racecourse during the Umbrella Fair and yesterday at the Market Square, to encourage people to relate their negative experiences of legal highs.

One man told the charity he had taken a blue pill called Happy Joker that he bought from a shop.

But the chemicals caused a serious reaction that threatened his life.

He said: “It was a bad hallucination and they had to put me to sleep.

“When I eventually woke up, with my mum there, I was so scared it was unbelievable. You can’t explain it in words.

“My body was just so skinny. I just sat and cried.”

The man, who the charity have kept anonymous, said he was happy for his experience to serve as a warning to others.

He said: “It’s a legal drug, yes, but that doesn’t mean it’s safe. There are chemicals in there that will send you doolally and endanger you.

“Nobody should take them.”