Large traveller camp leaves Northampton park... before pitching up closer to the town centre

Travellers at Eastfield Park. The group was ordered to leave Lings Park on Friday.
Travellers at Eastfield Park. The group was ordered to leave Lings Park on Friday.

More than 30 traveller caravans have vacated a Northampton park hours before police were due to forcibly remove them - only to then move less than a mile down the road to another green space.

The encampment left Lings Park last night, four days after being issued with a section 61 order to vacate the public space.

Today the area is littered with detritus and tyre tracks cover the football pitches used by Sunday league teams, shown in the video, above.

There had been several reports of the encampment using quad bikes at Lings over the weekend.

But the group has now moved on to Eastfield Park, less than a mile away.

A spokesman for Northamptonshire County Council said: “The unauthorised encampment on Eastfield Park has been visited by the Countywide Travellers Unit and the police. The police have begun proceedings to serve a section 61 notice. Once served, the travellers will have to vacate the area by tomorrow.”

Police had been due to forcibly remove the encampment from Lings at 10am today, but the camp has now been issued with fresh orders to leave.

Meanwhile, several people reported quad bikes and small scrambler bikes being driven around by members of the encampment at Eastfield Park until late last night.

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