Labour reveals its shadow cabinet on Northampton Borough Council

The Labour group at Northampton Borough Council has unveiled its shadow cabinet.
The Labour group at Northampton Borough Council has unveiled its shadow cabinet.

The Labour party at Northampton Borough Council has unveiled its shadow cabinet as part of its bid to hold the ruling Conservatives ‘to account’ over the next four years.

Leader of the Northampton Labour group Councillor Danielle Stone (Lab, Castle) has selected five members from the party’s 15 elected to the borough council to take the lead in opposing their Tory cabinet counterparts.

Returning councillor Arthur McCutcheon (Lab Headlands) has become the shadow cabinet member for planning, regeneration and enterprise, and Councillor Elizabeth Gowen (Lab, Eastfield) has taken up the shadow role for finance.

Newly elected Councillor Jane Birch (Lab, Trinity) has become the shadow community engagement member, Councillor Rufia Ashraf (Lab, St James) will oppose Councillor Stephen Hibbert (Con, Riverside) on housing issues and Cathrine Russell (Lab, Kingsley) has become the shadow member for community safety.

Councillor Gareth Eales (Lab, Spencer) had already been named as the party’s deputy leader.

Councillor Stone said: “We are determined to hold the Conservative administration to account in the election promises they recently made.

“There are some big challenges for the town such as the redevelopment of the Greyfriars site, the re-negotiation of the environmental services contract, building more affordable housing and dealing with the huge financial pressures on the council due to reductions in funding from central government.”

She added that Labour would be putting forward its own ‘positive vision for the town’ in the coming months.

“I am confident that as the main opposition at the Guildhall will we stand up for the people that the Conservatives keep on forgetting such as those on low pay and struggling to find full time work.” She said.