Labour candidate for Northampton South says voters didn’t trust party on economy

Kevin McKeever during his election campaign
Kevin McKeever during his election campaign

A losing Labour candidate in the General Election poll in Northampton said the party will never win unless it is in tune with people’s ambitions.

Kevin McKeever, who lost out to the Conservative Party’s David Mackintosh by 12,370 votes to 16,163, also said people could not envisage his leader as Prime Minister.

Mr McKeever said: “In Northampton South we were the only constituency in the county, and one of few in the Midlands & East that achieved a ‘swing’ from Conservative to Labour, adding a third to the Labour vote in 2010 and cutting the Tory majority as others elsewhere increased.

“I believe Labour lost because voters did not trust us on the economy, could not see Ed Miliband in Downing Street, and, fundamentally, because not enough people thought Labour understood their hopes and aspirations.

“Labour will not win in the seats Northampton South, in the heart of England, until it’s fully in tune with the ambitions and value of the English people.”