Labour candidate for Northampton North says NHS is the key issue for voters

Sally Keeble has launched her 2015 election campaign
Sally Keeble has launched her 2015 election campaign

Labour candidate for Northampton North Sally Keeble says she believes the future of the NHS is the most important issue to the voters in the constituency.

Mrs Keeble, who was an MP from 1997 to 2010, said she had spoken to a number of people in the Northampton North area who had raised concerns about their healthcare treatment.

Mrs Keeble was joined at her election launch by shadow cabinet member Jonathan Ashworth and they both climbed aboard a decommissioned ambulance that was previously reserved for members of the Royal family during official visits.

She said: “I think we have got a lot of support. We are working hard for every vote.

“The NHS is such a big part of this campaign. A lot of the people I have been talking to have told me about their trouble getting GP appointments and the delays in getting medical treatment. It is a really critical issue for people.”

If she was elected, Mrs Keeble said she would work hard to get better facilities for Northampton General Hospital and improve care services for older people.

She said: “It is a clear choice to people whether they want a country that works for most of the people or one that only works for a privileged few.”

The other candidates for the Northampton North seat are Michael Ellis (Conservative) Tony Clarke (Green) Tom Rubython (UKIP) and Angela Paterson (Lib Dem).