Kind-hearted Northampton woman to raise thousands of pounds for aunt's last wish


A crowdfunding page has been set up for a terminally ill woman to provide money for her children’s future and help keep their family home.

Sammy-Jo Mason of Rectory Farm is set to raise £2000 for her aunt, Angela who has cancer and has been given a life expectancy of ‘just a few months.’

The money is also set to be used for family days out so the children can have lasting memories with their mum.

Miss Mason said: “Angela is a single mum of two beautiful children and would like to make the last little time left easier to help provide for her children's future. Anything would help towards days out, trips away, family time and if really lucky maybe a holiday.

“She has been feeling ill and not quite herself for a few months now. In and out of hospitals here, there and everywhere. To cut a very long story short Angela has been diagnosed with cancer. Her prognosis is very poor with a life expectancy of just a few months.

“Making memories with her children and family is her wish."

Over £100 has already been pledged to the cause.

To donate you can search for 'Angela's wishes' on