Jury in Jamie McMahon murder trial likely to consider their verdict on Wednesday

Jamie McMahon NNL-140627-132715001
Jamie McMahon NNL-140627-132715001
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The jury in the trial of a man accused of murdering Jamie McMahon is likely to be sent out to consider a verdict on Wednesday.

Michael Francis, aged 33, of St James Road, Northampton, has been charged with murder and robbery after Mr McMahon’s body was found in St Giles Churchyard in the town centre on October 2 last year.

Judge Rupert Mayo adjourned the trial for the day today (Monday) as Francis’s barrister was ill and was unable to attend court.

The jury was told that Francis will not be giving evidence therefore the case for the defence was likely to be completed on Tuesday morning.

Judge Mayo said the prosecution and defence would then make final speeches and he would sum the case up. He said it was likely they would be asked to consider their verdict on Wednesday.

Francis denies murder and robbery.

Mark Lewis, aged 19, of Clickers Drive, Upton, Northampton, has already admitted killing the 26-year-old snooker club worker in the early hours of October 2 last year.

The trial continues.