Judge scolds Northampton drug dealer for 'ripping families apart' and 'destroying young lives'

A Northampton drug dealer was scolded in court for 'destroying young lives' by selling crack and heroin in the town centre.

Friday, 15th March 2019, 4:47 pm
Updated Friday, 15th March 2019, 5:51 pm
Thomas Greenaway was spotted dealing crack cocaine and heroin in St Giles Street.

Thomas Greenaway, of Omega House, was spotted on CCTV in on St Giles Street in November swapping parcels and money with a passerby.

When police caught up to the 45-year-old, they found four wraps of heroin, seven wraps of crack cocaine and £470 in cash on him.

Northampton Crown Court heard yesterday (March 15) how the money suggested Greenaway had made between 25 to 50 deals that evening alone.

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Thomas Greenaway, 45, formerly of Omega House, Northampton, was jailed for 54 months.

But when officers went to his address, they found an enormous stash of 150 wraps of cocaine and heroin worth thousands of pounds on the street.

He was arrested and charged for drug dealing. But he returned to the streets to sell more drugs and was caught at it again in February this year, while on bail.

This time, Greenaway was spotted by on St James Road at 10.15am.

When officers tried to stop and search him, the 45-year-old threw several wraps on the grounds and stamped on them to try and destroy them.

But the force was able to find 111 wraps on him and a small amount of cash, suggesting he was set for a long day of dealing.

The court heard Greenaway fell into dealing to pay off his own drug debts.

But His Honour Judge Tregilgas-Davey told him only an immediate custodial sentence would be appropriate for the amount he dealt.

The judge said: "Selling Class-A drugs to people ruins lives, and normally people who are of a young age. It rips families apart and it is a dreadful scourge on our society and you were a supplier of that.

"This is so serious only an immediate custodial sentence is appropriate."

Greenaway was jailed for four and a half years. All of the drug-dealing profits seized from him by police will be recuperated and the drugs will be destroyed.