Joanna Lumley thanks Northamptonshire woman for Tibet campaigning

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Actress Joanna Lumley and the Dalai Lama’s representative have thanked a Northamptonshire woman for her work to keep the plight of Tibetan people in the spotlight.

The Absolutely Fabulous actress - herself a campaigner for the rights of Tibetans, whose independence China refuses to recognise - spoke about Caroline Scattergood, from Cogenhoe, in her speech at a reception to welcome the Dalai Lama’s new UK representative.

Mrs Scattergood, who encouraged Northampton Borough Council to raise the Tibetan flag outside the Guildhall once a year for 16 years, despite formal objections from China, said: “It was a really lovely event and I couldn’t believe that Joanna Lumley even knew I was there.

“Personally speaking, it was great to be thanked by her, but it is a very important issue.

“Any Tibetan can’t even talk their own langage without fear of being tortured and it has been that way for 60 years.

“People may think why does that matter to me in Northampton, but the point we are making is wherever it happens, these people are just like us.”

The annual flag-raising ceremony in Northampton now attracts about 200 people.

The Dalai Lama’s departing representative Thubten Samdup also thanked Caroline in his farewell speech at the Office of Tibet in St John’s Wood.

He thanked both her Joanna and Caroline for their efforts and thanked the councillors, MP’s and people throughout Northamptonshire.