Jeremy Hunt says he is happy with Leveson outcome during visit to Northampton

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Health secretary Jeremy Hunt said on a visit to Northampton he was happy that a report into media and political relations had exonerated him.

Asked if he felt completely vindicated by Lord Leveson’s view that he had not acted improperly during the BSKYB bid while he was Culture Secretary he said: “I feel satisfied with my conduct and happy that Lord Leveson’s report reflected that.”

However, having come as a guest of Brian Binley MP straight to the South Conservative Winter Dinner at Franklin’s Gardens from Westminster on Thursday night, he was seemingly not in a mood to talk at length about his part in the inquiry.

When ask if he was relieved that Lord Leveson did not consider that he had been biased, he refused to answer the question saying: “Look, I’m not here to do media about Leveson, I’m here to support Brian at this dinner.”

However he did go on to answer questions about the NHS, acknowledging that all hospitals including Northampton General Hospital would have to find millions of pounds in savings in the next few years.

Meanwhile, after the Leveson report recommended a new body to regulate the press, Northampton North’s Conservative MP and former barrister, Michael Ellis, said the independence of the media ought to be preserved as much as possible.

He said: “The very important issue at stake is that we retain our press freedom in this country, that’s the most important thing.

“There were some appalling examples of misconduct in national newspapers.

“But I do support what the Prime Minister says about thinking long and hard before taking legislative action against a free press.”