Jekyll and Hyde escape room opens in Northampton

A brand new escape room has opened in Northampton filled with mind boggling numerical and scientific tests.

Tuesday, 18th September 2018, 3:13 pm
Updated Wednesday, 19th September 2018, 10:51 pm
The escape room is currently open seven days a week and can be booked from 10am until 8pm.

Co-owner of Deadlocked, James Hamer-Morton, launched his third escape room on the corner of Abington Street and Wellington Street, above Kate Haynes salon, on Sunday (September 16).

The escape room is both a physical and mental problem-solving game whereby groups of up to six, including children, enter a themed room and have to use props and clues to solve a series of puzzles before making their way out in under an hour.

The Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde experience is the first of the two rooms to be launched at the new Abington Street venue - fitted with crows, mirrors and laser-beams as part of its Victorian-esque theme.

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The 'Houdini' room is set to open there next month.

Deadlocked says the first room is great for escapees who want more of an 'immersive story and twists and would rather not be physically restrained'.

"Dr Jekyll has been using experimental formulas on himself that have a strange and potent effect on his mental state," reads a description of the room.

"Upon visiting his laboratory will you discover if the rumours of a darker side to him, known as Mr Hyde are true? And if so, can you escape from falling into the same traps he did?"

The second room - Houdini - is based on the American illusionist and stunt performer known for his sensational escape acts. The room will eventually feature a coffin-style cupboard whereby players have to work together to free themselves and their teammate.

Fancy dress is on offer to all players before entering the room, which has hidden speakers, theatrical lighting and a soundtrack played for the hour.

Actor Emma Kendrick is the Northampton branch manager and has created the Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde room from scratch.

She said: "When you come up with the puzzles sometimes they don't work. You have to think of an idea, think it through and ask yourself the question: 'how is this going to work'?"

"This is my first room - once the idea starts flowing it fits in like a jigsaw. The room took me a couple of weeks to get it fully functioning.

"With these rooms we have gone with a Victorian-steam punk idea and if players want to they can dress up before they play."

Owner James said: "We put a heavy focus on the immersive, interactive side of things. Even our clue systems are designed as part of the story with characters - generally pre-recorded - interacting with you throughout the experience.

"We want you to feel like the whole experience is like living through a film, rather than hearing the background at the start of the game, and never revisiting it during or after it."

Deadlocked is currently open seven days a week and can be booked from 10am until 8pm for teams between two and six people.