Jamie McMahon murder trial day two: Jury shown footage of defendants allegedly dumping evidence

Jamie McMahon NNL-140627-132715001
Jamie McMahon NNL-140627-132715001

Forensic evidence was given during day two of the murder trial into the death of Jamie McMahon, who was found dead in St Giles Churchyard in Northampton.

Northampton Crown Court today saw CCTV footage of 19-year-old Mark Lewis, who pleaded guilty to murder last week, and Michael Francis, who denies murder and robbery, around the time of the incident.

Jamie McMahon, aged 26, died in the early hours of October 2 last year. During the incident, the prosecution allege that Lewis and Francis robbed him of cash and his phone, which they sold, to buy food.

CCTV footage of the night appears to show the pair swapping clothes as they walked down Abington Street, the prosecution told the court.

Detective Constable Scott Allen, giving evidence on Monday, said that afterwards the pair dumped some of the clothes in a Nike bag near Edgar Mobbs Way in Northampton, close to their own homes.

He said police had searched in the area after Francis told them where to find the bag during a police interview.

Other CCTV footage presented by the prosecution showed the pair selling Mr McMahon’s phone, throwing his wallet in the bin and using the money to buy food at a BP garage off Upton Way.

The trial, which is expected to last until next week, will continue tomorrow with evidence from pathologists.