'It's the best Christmas I will ever have': Northampton pensioners celebrate campaign victory to bring back vital bus

The pensioners of a Northampton neighbourhood are celebrating after winning to fight to bring a vital bus service back to their road.

Friday, 2nd November 2018, 3:22 pm
Updated Friday, 2nd November 2018, 4:46 pm
Kingsley's pensioners are celebrating the promised return of a vital bus route.

Hundreds of elderly Northampton residents thought they had lost a part of their independence this year when the No 19 Uno Violet bus cut their roads from its route.

But rather than lie down, dozens of upset neighbours contacted the Chronicle & Echo to share how they felt they had lost their lifeline to visit friends, go shopping and see the doctor.

Now, after a campaign by this newspaper gathered more than 780 signatures, Uno has announced they will bring the crucial service back in the New year for the people who need it most.

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Over 750 people signed the Chronicle & Echo petition to reinstate the No 19 bus.

One pensioner, 82-year-old Fred Bricknell, said: "It's the best Christmas present I will ever have

"You become a prisoner in your own home without your independence. I'm over the moon."

The victorious residents gathered one of their restored bus stops in Kingsley Road on Friday (October 2) to celebrate the news.

Vera Callahan, 77, said: "It's so nice to see a smile on everyone's faces.

"The bus can't come back soon enough. I am stuck without the bus so I have to rely on my children, and they're normally busy."

The Chronicle's petition gathered more than 640 signatures online and nearly 140 handwritten responses, including 15 letters of support.

But now, the No 19 will be revised to stop once again in St George's Avenue, Kingsley Road, Boughton Green Road and the Kingsthorpe shops, Monday to Friday, on a half-hourly service.

Pat McGrath, 77, said: "It's all down to the Chronicle & Echo that we've managed to keep this bus service."

The No 19's new timetable and route will be published before January.