'It's all a lie, isn't it?': Prosecutor questions defendant in Northampton teenager murder case

The main defendant in the murder trial of a Northampton teenager has been told his story "doesn't make any sense" by the prosecutor.

Wednesday, 4th April 2018, 8:20 am
Updated Wednesday, 4th April 2018, 8:25 am
Kane Allaban-Hamilton is accused of being the one who delivered the fatal seven-centimetre stab wound to Liam Hunt's neck.

Kane Allaban-Hamilton, 18, from Camp Hill, told Northampton Crown Court yesterday (April 3) that Liam Hunt tried to stab him in the chest in the fatal knife fight in February last year.

He claims he grabbed the knife by the blade, cutting his forefinger and thumb in the process, and in a struggle pushed the knife into Liam's neck.

But Prosecutor John Lloyd-Jones tried to disprove the claim by handing Allaban-Hamilton a piece of cardboard the same size of the knife and asked him to recreate the attack.

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Allaban-Hamilton showed how he caught the "blade" with all four fingers.

Mr Lloyd-Jones said: "How was it if you really grabbed the blade you didn't get any cuts across your fingers."

The defendant said: "I'm not sure. Possibly I could have lifted my fingers."

"What you're saying doesn't make any sense. Because it's all a lie. You stabbed an unarmed Liam Hunt in the neck with the knife you had."

"No I did not," said Allaban-Hamilton.

The prosecutor said: "This was a swift and targeted attack on Liam... by you and your gang.

"Everybody knew what to do. Liam's friends were kept back. And then he was stabbed. In and out in a matter of seconds."

"That did not happen. I am not in a gang," said Allaban-Hamilton.

Mr Lloyd-Jones also suggested a note found in the prison cell of one of the defendants - with instructions of what to say in evidence written by Allaban-Hamilton - was handed out as the group sat in the dock during the trial.

Allaban-Hamilton's defence barrister Mr Michael Mather-Lees said: "Did you deliberately stab Liam in the neck?"

The teenager replied: "No."

Mr Mather-Lees said: "It's been suggested you came up and stabbed him quickly and forcefully in the neck. Did that happen?"

"No I did not," said the defendant.

Allanban-Hamilton's defence case has concluded.

James Dodd, 18, from Sentinel Road, is next to take the stand.

The trial continues.