'˜It hurts so much I can barely breathe': mum of Northampton car crash victim pays tribute

The family and partner of Brogan Warren, a Northampton woman who died along with three friends in a car accident, have spoken about how special she was to them.

Wednesday, 25th May 2016, 5:31 pm
Updated Thursday, 26th May 2016, 10:03 am

Brogan, aged 21, died in a head-on traffic collision near Swindon on Sunday night, an accident that also claimed the live of Krop Jones, Sam Kay and Nicoletta Tocco.

This afternoon the first statement from a family member came from Brogan’s mum, Deborah Byrne.

She said: “I have no words to explain the pain I’m feeling, my heart and soul have been torn away and it hurts so much I can barely breathe. My beautiful special girl you touched everyone around you with your magical soul and your glittery ways.

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“You had so much still to do!

“I can’t believe now that I’ll never see your beautiful little face again, no chats about the universe before bed and hugs so tight they warmed you so.”

The statement said her dad, Joff, and boyfriend Grant were both on holiday together and she was excited about them coming back.

Brogan was due to be her older sister Taylia’s birthing partner in July and was due to travel to Italy in August with Nicoletta.

In September, she had been due to volunteer at a child orphanage in Kenya in September for three months working with street children.

Mrs Byrne described how loving Brogan was with her family.

She said: “You had a saying with your hugs ‘never let go first, as you don’t know how much that person needs one’ sometimes we’d stand and hug for hours saying goodnight and good morning.

“Your little sister Tia used to creep into your bed every morning and you’d sing songs, cover her in glitter and send snap chats and make her do all sorts of things to make you both laugh. If Tia and I slept in you would sneak into our bed for morning cuddles and by the time we got up there would always be glitter in the bed and a song in our head to start the day.”

“You had a special bond with everyone that knew you and I’m so proud you are mine. The sheer volume of messages I’ve received from family and friends is overwhelming but I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Mrs Byrne said she hope the friends had “found paradise together”.

I’m hoping the four of you quickly found each other on the spirit side and walked together to eternity, I can picture you all holding hands, skipping and dancing up into the clouds and rainbows knowing that you truly have found paradise together.

She added: “I love you ‘Brogan Emily Lovely’. You came into my life on a rainbow and spent 21 years turning me upside down with your spiritual awareness right from when you could barely talk and you’ve left in a whirlwind just as dramatically, leaving happy memories and broken hearts scattered all around you xxx Goodnight and Godbless My Beautiful Angel xxx Mummy xxx”

A statement from Grant issued by Thames Valley Police, said: “To My Darling Brogan....my heart hurts for you and aches to see your smiling face.

“You gave the world such joy and you showed us all that the world has magic.

“You were such a caring and happy soul with a simple message of glitter and laughter.

“I’ll forever keep you close and you will never wander far from me. I love you baby forever and always xxx Grant xxx”