International campaign to pay for new grave in Northampton for Caroline Chisholm

Stonemasons remove the tombstone of Caroline and Archibald Chisholm
Stonemasons remove the tombstone of Caroline and Archibald Chisholm

A group has launched a fundraising campaign to refurbish the grave of historical Northampton heroine, Caroline Chisholm.

The Friends of Caroline Chisholm have removed the tombstone of Caroline and Archibald Chisholm from their grave in Billing Road Cemetery in Northampton after it fell into disrepair.

It is now undergoing a 12-week refurbishment, but the Australia-based group are appealing for funds to help pay for further repairs.

Dr Carole Walker, who helped organise the refurbishment and has written several books on Caroline Chisholm, who is recognised by the Church of England as a saint, said: “Friends of Caroline Chisholm in Australia, where Caroline is very well known, have raised a significant amount towards the costs, and I would be most grateful if anyone who admires her as much as we do, would make a donation.”

Caroline was born in Northampton and played a crucial role in improving the welfare of female Australian immigrants during the first half of the nineteenth century.

After marrying her husband, Archibald, in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Sheep Street, Northampton town centre in 1930, the pair moved to India where Archibald was stationed with the East India Company Army, and where Caroline opened a school for girls living in the barracks.

They then moved to Australia where Caroline became horrified by the poverty and conditions suffered by women emigrating to the British colony via Sydney. She opened several homes to accommodate the young women and helped over 11,000 people find homes and jobs.

Caroline Chisholm has many memorials dedicated to her across Australia.