Indoor pub night in Northampton for supporters of E-cigarettes

The Bear, Northampton
The Bear, Northampton

A Northampton man is planning to hold a ‘vaping’ event at a town centre pub in a bid to combat what he feels is “discrimination” against people who use electronic cigarettes.

Lee Duke said he was outraged after being told to stop using his electronic cigarette – also known as e-cigs or vapourisers – in large chain pubs, on buses and while hee was on duty at the travel company he works for.

He said: “E-cigs were invented to get around the smoking ban, but now there is the same prejudice against them, even though all they emit is harmless vapour.

“I once asked a bartender why he was telling me to leave for using one and he said that it “offends the children”. I thought, what are children doing in pubs in the first place?”

The ‘e-cigs’ are battery- powered devices, usually rechargeable, that contain a liquid nicotine (sometimes flavoured), propylene glycol (also used to make theatrical stage smoke) and an atomiser which turns the liquid to vapour which is inhaled.

The exhaled vapour looks like smoke but does not contain the harmful substances of normal cigarettes.

Although there are currently no legal restrictions on their use in public or indoor spaces, property and business owners reserve the right to ban them from their premises.

Following calls for their official regulation, the UK will be classing e-cigarettes as non-prescription medicines from 2016, meaning manufacturers will have to apply for a license to allow them to be sold over-the-counter.

Mr Duke, who creates his own flavoured vapuriser liquids, hopes to hold an evening gathering for vapers in The Bear pub in Northampton centre. The pub, which does not have a ‘no vaping’ policy has already shown support for the event, though a date has not yet been confirmed.

The pub’s owner said: “We don’t have any problem with vapourisers. A lot of our customers use them. We hope Lee will soon give us a date and time for the event so we can make sure we have plenty of staff in.”